Lobby with studentsThe ideal location for Students – The ideal choice for parents. Next to the Santa Barbara City College (SBCC), Downtown Santa Barbara and its beautiful beaches.

Your child is leaving for college and has picked Santa Barbara City college as their school of choice. It’s their first time away from home. And naturally, as parents, you worry where your child might be living. New school, new town, new friends. Why not get a safe start to a new  college life at The Orchid House. A safe, gated student dorm, where gourmet breakfasts and healthy dinners are served daily to our residents. Even better, we are at the bottom of the Santa Barbara City College steps, just a short walk away from classes, SBCC Dining commons and administration offices. No need to worry about public transportation, or driving in an unknown city. A safe haven to ease the life of our students. Meet new friends, have a place to study and call home. And the added bonus, since you’d be walking to classes, you get to sleep in a little longer until it’s time to get up and get to class. No need for an expensive City College Parking permit or the hassle of finding a parking place. Forget long waits for busses mornings and nights, in the cold, in the dark and under the rain. Forget waking up earlier in the morning to make sure you catch your bus to school on time. Your children will not need to organize their daily schedule around a shuttle service or worry they will miss their last shuttle service back home at night. Everything is walking distance from our strategic location: SBCC College, beaches, State St., Amtrak train station, grocery stores, hotels and all other amenities. The Orchid House of Santa Barbara offers stylish and safe SBCC student apartments with the convenience of the best location in town.

Orchid House student housing is the perfect accommodation that you as a parent would choose for your child. Our college student apartments, dining hall and a mixture of international, athletic and other students, make it a home away from home

West Beach – The ultimate destination for family and friends to stay when visiting their children

The Orchid House of Santa Barbara is strategically located in the heart of West Beach Santa Barbara, the ultimate location to stay when visiting Santa Barbara and your children who attend SBCC College. Most of Santa Barbara’s best hotels are located in West Beach and next to our wonderful residence making it extremely convenience for parents who want to visit their children while at school.